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    TV Critic’s Corner

    CBS rounding out its plans for ‘Murphy Brown’ revival

    Candice Bergen will reprise her role of Murphy Brown.
    Tony Esparza/CBS via AP/File
    Candice Bergen will reprise her role of Murphy Brown.

    That “Murphy Brown” revival is coming together, whether you like it or not, which I don’t, because revival fever is getting on my nerves. Getting the band back together is probably fun for the cast members, and lucrative, too; but most of these revived shows had lost their creative ballast even before they were canceled the first time around. Hey, but I’m always eager to be wrong in these cases.

    Anyhoo, CBS has given the “Murphy Brown” revival a 13-episode first season that will run close to the 30th anniversary of the original series premiere, which was in November 1988. Candice Bergen has committed to the revival, of course, and Faith Ford, Joe Regalbuto, and Grant Shaud have all signed on to repeat their original roles — Corky, Frank, and Miles, respectively. Diane English, the original show creator, will be back, after having left the original series at the end of season 4. Alas, three members of the original recurring cast — Jay Thomas, Robert Pastorelli, and Pat Corley — have died.

    I’m assuming the show will introduce us to Murphy’s son Avery, whose situation offended Vice President Dan Quayle back in the old days. I’m also assuming issues of fake news and sexual harassment will surface in some of the new plotlines.


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