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‘This Is Us’ returns with lighter touch as finale nears

Milo Ventimiglia as Jack in “This Is Us.”
Ron Batzdorff/NBC
Milo Ventimiglia as Jack in “This Is Us.”

Alert “This Is Us” people. There are only three more episodes left in season 2 of the NBC drama, beginning on Tuesday. During the Olympics, you got some vicarious exercise. Now it’s time to enjoy a little more vicarious heartbreak and healing.

According to executive producer Isaac Aptaker, in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, the show will finish the season on a less depressing note. The death of Jack Pearson inspired “perhaps the two saddest episodes we’ve ever done on this show,” Aptaker said, “so it was very important to us to return with something a bit lighter and a bit more celebratory.”

On Tuesday, the Pearson Three and their significant others go to Las Vegas for Kate and Toby’s bachelorette and bachelor parties. In a flashback story line, in which Jack is still very much alive, the young Pearson Three plan to throw their parents a massive anniversary party.


Next Tuesday’s episode will focus on the backstory of Deja, and in two weeks, for the season finale, the family will gather for Kate and Toby’s wedding. The episodes will also include glimpses of Jack’s time in Vietnam.

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