TV Critic’s Corner

Did Kavanaugh analysis cut into ‘Murphy Brown’ ratings?

Joe Regalbuto, Candice Bergen, and Faith Ford in “Murphy Brown.”
Joe Regalbuto, Candice Bergen, and Faith Ford in “Murphy Brown.”Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Thursday, Thursday. It was quite a TV day, as viewers stayed riveted to the Brett Kavanaugh hearing. As a result, the ratings for returning and new shows on Thursday night suffered a bit, as viewers rested their eyes or followed the analysis on the cable news channels, whose ratings spiked some 77 percent Thursday night.

The low ratings for the premiere of the “Murphy Brown” revival, then, may not reflect its promise going forward. The show, up against Fox’s “Thursday Night Football,” drew 7.5 million viewers, certainly not awful but significantly lower than the two similar sitcom revivals that returned last season. The premiere of “Will & Grace” — also up against Fox’s “Football,” pulled 10.2 million, and “Roseanne” pulled 18.2 million.


“Murphy Brown” also came in lower than all the other CBS Thursday comedies, including “Young Sheldon,” “Big Bang Theory,” and “Mom.” Of course, while 7.5 million isn’t great, when compared to the 3.1 million who showed up for the season premiere of “The Good Place,” it’s boffo.