I’m on record pointing out the ridiculousness of the Golden Globe Awards, particularly when it comes to TV. The 90-or-so freelance journalists who make up the Hollywood Foreign Press Association put on a nice party, and that’s about the nicest thing I can say.

But occasionally, amid the absurdity and the kissing up to stars, they make a good move. This year, the voters included nominations for “Pose,” the FX drama about the 1980s ballroom scene in New York, and I’m delighted. It got nods for best drama and for best actor (for the amazing Billy Porter). It almost — but not entirely — makes up for the fact that the Emmys ignored the show.


The voters also gave a nomination for best actor in a comedy to Sacha Baron Cohen for his work in Showtime’s “Who Is America?” I love that, even if Cohen’s performances weren’t as good as the one given by the snubbed Ted Danson in “The Good Place.” I wish Stephen Colbert had been nominated in the same category when he was starring on “The Colbert Report.” He was acting, people!

Also good: A nomination for Stephan James, who is at the heart of “Homecoming” as Julia Roberts’s patient.

Snubs? Of course there are many. “Atlanta” wasn’t nominated for best comedy, even though it won last year, and “The Handmaid’s Tale” wasn’t nominated for best drama, even though it also won last year. Sterling K. Brown, last year’s winner for “This Is Us,” was left out, and the brilliant, if difficult, “Patrick Melrose” on Showtime failed to be nominated for best limited series. The more average “The Alienist” has that spot.

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