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A closer look at three sharp sitcoms on Comedy Central

Helene Yorke and Drew Tarver in “The Other Two”
Helene Yorke and Drew Tarver in “The Other Two”Comedy Central

I’m in a Comedy Central zone these days, when I need escape. The basic cable channel has satisfied for years with its late-night programming, notably “The Daily Show.” But right now, I’m tuning in for three sharp sitcoms.

1. Now in its first season, “The Other Two” is a witty and, when need be, demented comedy about the two underachieving siblings of a Justin Bieber-like pop star. From former “SNL” writers Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider, it’s about their soul-damaging envy, the absurdities of their brother’s world of fame, and their “Difficult People”-like rapport. Helene Yorke and Drew Tarver are great as the siblings, and Molly Shannon is winning, as always, as their mother.


2. “Corporate” is trying new things in its second season, including two nicely focused episodes — one about the empty office on Labor Day and another about the realities behind an expense report. The show follows two would-be executives, played by show creators Matt Ingebretson and Jake Weisman, caught in a comically Kafkaesque corporation called, ominously, Hampton Deville. The show sits nicely beside “The Office,” “Better Off Ted,” and “Workaholics.” In my review of season one, I wrote, “It’s funny in an uncompromisingly nihilistic way, it never resolves into artificial sweetness, and the ensemble seems to be having a great time.” I stand by that.

3. It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to “Broad City,” now in its final season. But Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson are taking us out on a high, with a series of episodes that capture their warm, raunchy friendship as strongly as ever. The premiere, told through Instagram stories, is a kick, and a later episode about Ilana’s “one-year anniversary-renegotiation-check-in” with boyfriend Lincoln is memorably bittersweet.

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