Did you really think “Saturday Night Live” would give President Donald Trump the week off in its finale’s cold open?

Alec Baldwin returned to the popular sketch comedy series this week to close out its 44th season by leading a special White House rendition of Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now.”

After gloating that he’s “on cruise control to a second term” and looking ahead of a restful summer of things he doesn’t usually have time for — like golfing, visiting friends in prison and enjoying all the new tariffs from China — Baldwin’s Trump broke into song, with assistance from other power players in the president’s orbit.


Those swinging by his desk to offer some choice lyrics included: First Lady Melania Trump (Cecily Strong), singing “They call him Mr. Bad Advice because he listens to the Fox News guys”; Vice President Mike Pence (Beck Bennett), vowing to “make a Chick-Fil-A man out of you”; and Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Aidy Bryant), chiming in that “you can’t subpoena him; he’s gonna obstruct!”

Of course, Kate McKinnon’s Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross threatened to steal the show, snickering about tariffs and whipping out a raucous guitar solo. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (Kenan Thompson) appeared to declare “women are screwed” as a legal showdown looms over controversial abortion laws passed in states like Georgia and Alabama. Even rapper and noted Trump supporter Kanye West (Chris Redd) popped in for a quick lyric (if not a substantial verse).

Trump’s sons Eric and Donald Jr. (Alex Moffat and Mikey Day) didn’t get there in time to participate in the Queen riff, but Eric gave his spin on the “Muppet Show” theme. Robert Mueller (Robert De Niro) wasn’t so lucky, getting cut off before he could deliver an important message to the American people.


“No collusion, no obstruction,” Baldwin’s Trump interjected. “So don’t stop me now!”

Facing the camera, he then seemed to acknowledge that “SNL” was wrapping up for the season. “Guys, it’s been fun,” he said. “I don’t know what’s next for me, but I wouldn’t be Trump if I didn’t say tune in next season to see who lives and who dies.”

Trump has lashed out at “SNL” in the past, calling it “very unfair” and at one point calling for the federal government to “look into” its satirical take on him and his presidency.

You can watch the whole cold open right here.

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