Alec Baldwin is saying he “can’t imagine” doing Trump anymore on “Saturday Night Live,” even though “they’re all my dear friends.” The actor, in an interview with USA Today, said that he’s ready to turn the gig over to someone else, despite having won an Emmy for it.

Who? “Darrell Hammond did it and is a far better impressionist than I’ll ever be,” Baldwin said. “When Anthony Atamanuik [started doing Trump on ‘The President Show’], all these people were attacking me, saying, ‘Oh, your impression sucks and you suck. Please go away.’ It also was something I thought to myself: ‘I really don’t have a lot invested in my Trump impersonation, so please find someone and convince Lorne [Michaels] to replace me.’ I’m completely down with that. Winning the Emmy for that show aside, it was not some career goal of mine.”


His final words on the matter: “I feel like I’m done with that now. I’m so done with that.”

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