Lulu Wang, pictured in New York while promoting her film “The Farewell.”
Lulu Wang, pictured in New York while promoting her film “The Farewell.”Brian Ach/AP/file/Invision/AP

Lulu Wang is not resting on her laurels. Ahead of “The Farewell” opening Friday before expanding to Boston theaters next week, the Boston College grad has officially lined up her next project: a sci-fi movie, titled “Children of the New World.”

Little is known in terms of plot details, but Wang — who’ll both write and direct — is working from Alexander Weinstein’s short story collection of the same name. (Weinstein, who published that collection in 2016, is better known as the director of the Martha’s Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing.) The stories explore how futuristic tech advances, like social media implants and intuitive robots, might transform the nature of family, communication, and society.


For Wang, coming off Sundance darling “The Farewell” — an Awkwafina-led comedy-drama centered on one Chinese-American family’s unusual processing of their grandmother’s terminal cancer diagnosis — “Children of the New World” marks a major shift across genres. But the project will, according to Wang’s official statement, allow her to “continue exploring the evolving dynamics of family.”

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