What's the best way to safeguard your Twitter feed from the invasion of white supremacist content that Twitter can’t seem to get a handle on for some reason? Just make like you’re in Germany. I can explain. Or Newsweek can, whichever. “Taking matters into their own hands, some American Twitter users are changing their location settings. Instead of an offending tweet, they get an error message that the post “has been withheld in [Germany] based on local laws.” (Sehr schlau!) Please note: Simply saying you’re from Germany does not make that black turtleneck look any less weird on you.



Speaking of outright deception, if you’d like an advance glimpse of the waking nightmare that will be life under the spread of deepfake videos, enjoy (?) Dr. Fakenstein's refacing of the “Full House“ opening sequence, now with 800 percent more Nick Offerman . “Full House needed more mustaches,” Fakenstein tweeted; and while it’s damn near impossible to disagree with that, Offerman’s haunting visage seamlessly superimposed onto the heads of Danny Tanner, Joey, Uncle Jesse, D.J., Stephanie, and presumably both Michelles is enough to ruin the series for you forever (if the series somehow didn’t already take care of that itself). Trigger warning: You will never be less happy to see Kimmy Gibler come skulking in through the kitchen door.


The traumas of our time have us all searching for answers. But the important thing is, no matter what the question might be, the answer is probably video games, as discovered by Canadian comedian (fun to say!) Stewart Reynolds. When his dog repeatedly eats food off of the kitchen counter, a dumbfounded Reynolds wonders how — how?! — he could prevent it from happening again in the future. And while the professionals advise putting food away or keeping the dog out of the kitchen, the culprit is clear (i.e. someone other than him). Same goes for the “slow flushing toilet in the guest bathroom” and the chronically lousy first pancake of the batch. Video games. Something to think about. He’s also got a great video on the contentious subject of stick control (and whether the answer might actually be more sticks).


And because, I promise you, there are way better uses for the Internet than all of this, do yourself right and take some time to click around the works of four great artists we lost in the past week: legendary novelist Toni Morrison (above), iconoclast poet and songwriter David Berman, pioneering Venezuelan visual artist Carlos Cruz-Diaz, and the unsung genius LA-based beat producer Ras G.


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