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Photos: Boston Ballet’s soloist Chyrstyn Fentroy

Boston Ballet dancers performed in the company’s “Bach Cello Suites.”Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff
Chyrstyn Fentroy signed in for the company's performance at Jacob's Pillow.Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff
Chyrstyn Fentroy entered the makeup room she shares with four other dancers. Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff
Chyrstyn Fentroy attended company class, a daily class that includes work at the barre and center work.Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff
Heather Southwick, the ballet’s director of physical therapy, worked on Chyrstyn Fentroy’s leg before the afternoon performance.Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff
Chyrstyn Fentroy performed in "Bach Cello Suites," with Matthew Slattery. The cellist was Sergey Antonov.Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff
Chyrstyn Fentroy took a curtain call with the cast after a performance of William Forsythe's "Playlist (EP) (excerpts)."Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff
Before a session at the Citizens Bank Opera House, dancers Chyrstyn Fentroy and Jorge Villarini had breakfast at Caffe Nero.Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff
Chyrstyn Fentroy, right, runs a rehearsal of her choreographed piece, "you," in the ballet's studio.Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff
Choreographer Jorma Elo (left) works with Matthew Slattery and Chyrstyn Fentroy on "Bach Cello Suites” in the Boston studio. Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff
Dancer Chyrstyn Fentroy.Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff
Before a session, Chyrstyn Fentroy and Jorge Villarini went shopping in Downtown Crossing. Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff
Boston Ballet’s Chyrstyn Fentroy participated in company class, before performing at Jacob’s Pillow in Becket. Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff