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Recalling causes and contributions in ‘The First Lady’

The first season of the scripted Showtime show, which will look into the lives of the women married to past American presidents, will take on Michelle Obama, Betty Ford, and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Bringing ‘Moneyball’-style’ data to the high-end art market

Artnome founder Jason Bailey originally set out to curb forgeries. Now he seeks to serve collectors with information and insights.

What’s happening in the arts world

This week's picks from Globe critics.


Imagine that: Some reboots and revivals TV hasn’t thought of yet

Here are some concepts to think about, Hollywood. They definitely are not insipid.


HomeFront: Thrillers, mysteries, ‘Pixar Popcorn,’ and lots of takeout

The Globe's picks for the best ways to spend your weekend.


Boston Ballet revisits Yakobson gems and previews new work for spring

"Look Back, Focus Forward" is the third offering of Boston Ballet's "BB@YourHome" virtual season.


Podcasts are hot, hot, hot as TV adaptations

Podcast makers are cashing in on Hollywood's appetite for content — and they have some pretty big advantages in the quest for deals.


At Mass MoCA, art from the faults of translation

The museum's "Kissing through a Curtain" exhibition examines fractures of culture, language, politics, and history.


Doc Talk: Taking trains, dancing through age, visiting Earth (maybe), fighting for justice

Spotlighting “Riding the Rails,” "Gracefully," “Volcanic UFO Mysteries,” “MLK/FBI,” and "Softie."


Quilters who stitched the form forward

The New England Quilt Museum has its third and final installment of a series celebrating art quilt pioneers.


No inaugural balls on this night: just Tom Hanks, music, fireworks, and feel-good affirmations

The tone of the 90-minute "Celebrating America" TV special was earnest and consistently hopeful.


Why the short shrift for movie shorts?

"Pixar Popcorn," on Disney+, raises the question why movie shorts aren’t more popular.

Mr. van Rijn? Why, meet Mr. Lurie.

“My Rembrandt” is a wry and lush look at those who not only can appreciate fine art but have the capital to possess it. And in the deadpan, profound, and hilarious HBO series “Painting with John,” actor John Lurie demonstrates his art, spins yarns, and espouses his philosophy.

White House Press Secretary Psaki shows new tone in first Biden press briefing

If there’s one thing clear after White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s first session with reporters on Wednesday, it’s that she’s determined to minimize drama in the briefing room.


Heal thyself in ‘The Doctors Blackwell’

Janice Nimura’s candid account engagingly captures Elizabeth Blackwell’s many contradictions, central to which was the condescension, and sometimes outright contempt, she showed her fellow women even as she sacrificed to open doors for them as the first woman to earn a medical degree in the US.