Book Review

‘I Was a Revolutionary: Stories’ by Andrew Malan Milward

The rich, brutal history of Kansas ignites — and propels — the eight stories that make up Milward’s accomplished collection.

Sue Grafton is nearing the end of her alphabetically-framed series.

Book review

‘X’ by Sue Grafton

Sue Grafton ratchets up the heat as she heads toward the finish line of her alphabetically-framed series.

Short stack

‘The Day the Crayons Came Home’ By Drew Daywalt

The latest book from author Drew Daywalt and illustrator Oliver Jeffers is a follow-up to their 2013 smash hit, “The Day the Crayons Quit.”

Book Review

‘The Incarnations’ by Susan Barker

Barker writes with a comfortable colloquialism that sometimes trades vividness for cliché, but she has smartly structured this intricate tale.

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Unexpected good reads can smite Stephen Greenblatt

The Harvard professor, author of the award-winnning “The Swerve,” talks about books he reads and likes to read.

the story behind the book

‘Reading Claudius’ by Caroline Heller

Already a professor at the graduate school of education at Lesley University, Heller began writing her family story in earnest while taking a writing seminar at Bennington.

book review

‘How We Live Now’ by Bella DePaulo

“How We Live Now” is not quite a polemic against the suburban nuclear family in all its glorious isolation. But it serves as a manifesto on behalf of the alternatives.

Dr. James J. O’Connell (left) with Pine Street Inn van supervisor Leo Adorno on their outreach duties.

new england literary news

Stories from the street

In more than two dozen essays in “Stories from the Shadows,” Dr. James J. O’Connell tells the stories of individual homeless patients.

the discovery

‘Buddhism for Dudes: A Jarhead’s Field Guide to Mindfulness’ by retired US Marine Gerry Stribling

“Buddhism for Dudes: A Jarhead’s Field Guide to Mindfulness” is a straight-talking primer to the religion Stribling encountered on a trip to Sri Lanka about a decade ago.


Greater Boston author readings Aug. 24-28

Author readings and signings in Greater Boston, Aug. 24-28, 2015.

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Critics suggest where you should go, what you should see, who you should hear, and what you should be reading this summer.

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