Book Review

The key to innovation? Being open to surprise.

The digital age has removed many roadblocks to finding and exploring new ideas and approaches to innovation.

short stack

A meta diversion with a literary bent

“Snappsy the Alligator” is a silly, clever introduction to the idea of the unreliable narrator.

match book

// Predicting the books in a reader’s future

A reader seeks suggestions for some books to get him through the winter.

Book Review

Why would an all-American kid become a jihadist?

A disturbing question courses through “United States of Jihad” by Peter Bergen.

book review

// Former addict finds himself in ‘Black Deutschland’

Pinckney tells the story of a gay, black, former addict ex-pat in Germany who learns that who he is, who he loves, where he’s from can’t be disentangled.


Dyson offers harsh assessment of Obama presidency

The book is intended as an early evaluation of Obama’s contributions to the struggle of African-Americans for a “more just and inclusive society.’’

Book review

Masking problems in ‘The Queen of the Night’

The novel takes a long while to get going, but its atmosphere is transporting, and intrigue keeps pulling us forward.

new england literary news

// ‘Voice of Freedom’ brings civil rights activist to life

Roxbury artist Ekua Holmes illustrated the new children’s book “Voice of Freedom’’ on the life of civil-rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer.

CAROLE HENAFF for the boston globe

book review

‘In Other Words,’ a stranger in a strange language

It’s the story of the novelist’s decision to learn Italian — a language she only began to study as a college student — well enough to write in it.

the story behind the book

// W. B. Belcher on ‘Lay Down Your Weary Tune’

In Belcher’s debut novel, a young writer goes to a small Berkshire town to meet the reclusive folk musician whose autobiography he’s going to ghost-write.


Dave Ortega, graphic novel artist, absorbs books

Graphic novel artist Dave Ortega of Somerville describes himself as a sporadic reader.

the discovery

// Advice to parents of teen girls in ‘Untangled’

“Untangled” by Lisa Damour offers parents tips on ways to have constructive conversations and how to tell what is cause for worry and what is not.


Greater Boston author readings Feb. 7-13

A listing of readings by authors in the Greater Boston area from Feb. 7-13.

// 23 of the most anticipated books of 2016

What we’re looking forward to this year in the world of books.

2015: The year in arts

// The year in arts and movies

Boston Globe critics look back on 2015.

Special section

// The story behind the ‘Spotlight’ movie

A look at The Boston Globe’s coverage of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church and the movie “Spotlight,” which is based on the stories and the reporters behind the investigation.

Match Book

// Match Book: What to read next

Have a book problem? We have the solution.

Seven books about...

four takes

Checking out the stuff that dreams are made on

Capsule reviews examine four books on dreams: ‘The Mind at Night”; “Dreams”; “Dreams and Experience in Classical Antiquity”; and “A Little Bit of Dreams.”