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Latest Headlines in Books


Author readings around Boston Aug. 14-20

All author appearances are virtual and free unless otherwise noted.


Local bestsellers for the week ended Aug. 7

Based on reporting from the independent booksellers of the New England Independent Booksellers Association and IndieBound.

Raymond Briggs, who drew a wordless ‘Snowman,’ dies at 88

“The books are funny, and the books are also sad,” Nicolette Jones, who wrote the biography “Raymond Briggs” (2020), said. “And he walks this incredible tightrope between those two things.”

Meng Jin’s ‘Self-Portrait with Ghost’ explores dignity, joy and the present through short stories

The author will appear with fellow writer Taymour Soomro at Harvard Book Store on Thursday.

‘He truly was an American treasure.’ Luminaries react to death of historian David McCullough

Academics, authors, and officials on Monday posted tributes to best-selling author and award-winning historian David McCullough, who died Sunday at his home in Hingham.


Higher education, riding for a fall

Higher education — the crown jewel of postwar America, its growth powered by the GI Bill, the rush for credentials, the notion that a college degree is a ladder of social mobility, and the glamour of tailgate Saturdays outside the stadium — is in deep trouble, argues a new book. It's worth paying heed.


Anthony Marra on reading mysteries and historical fiction

It’s been nearly ten years since Anthony Marra’s last novel. Much of that interim was devoted to researching Hollywood, Italy, and World War II in order to write his new novel “Mercury Pictures Presents,” which follows the highs and lows of a young Italian movie producer. He talked with us about what he's been reading lately.


Mohsin Hamid’s new novel imagines white men changing color

In Hamid’s “The Last White Man,” a man named Anders wakes up to darkened pigmentation, followed swiftly by others who turn “a deep undeniable brown.” His country (by which we mean white people), grows zealously protective of a whiter shade of pale.