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The congressional whirlwind that was Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich was a white tornado that roared through Washington at the end of the 20th century, blowing the roof off the Capitol, rearranging the furniture of the House, upending the customs of American public life.


Virtual author readings for July 5-11

A weekly calendar of literary events.

A Somali immigrant hopes his book for young adults will inspire others to tell their story

Abdi Nor Iftin had long dreamed of becoming American. His new life here brought an awakening to the inequities Black people and immigrants face.

In ‘Passage West,’ a cross-cultural American story set in the Golden State

Rishi Reddi's first novel is set more than a century ago in California’s Imperial Valley.


A question of choice in ‘Blue Ticket’

For millions of women around the world a thin blue line means one thing: “You’re pregnant.” Novelist Sophie Mackintosh cleverly subverts that trope in her new book.


Four Takes: The mysteries of fatherhood

If this year’s graduates have been under-celebrated, June’s other traditional honorees — fathers — have carried on much as usual. One notable difference has been the masks. Every father wears one figuratively of course; getting to know our fathers as people becomes the eventual work of the child.


Bibliophiles: James McBride on music, narrative, and reading on subways

The writer and musician describes himself as a storyteller, whether he’s playing saxophone or writing. Doing the latter, he’s published a best-selling memoir, “The Color of Water,” and won the 2013 National Book Award for fiction with “The Good Lord Bird.”


Tracing complicated entanglements of love and work in ‘Friends and Strangers’

In her new worthy but flawed novel, the relationship between employer and employee comes in for J. Courtney Sullivan’s special attention.