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Latest Headlines in Books


Peniel Joseph examines eras of change in ‘The Third Reconstruction’

‘This is such a rough period for people who believe in democracy and justice and equality,’ says the historian. ‘But you have to find hope.’


Author readings around Boston Sept. 25-Oct. 1

All author appearances are virtual and free unless otherwise noted.


Local bestsellers for the week ended Sept. 18

Based on reporting from the independent booksellers of the New England Independent Booksellers Association and IndieBound.

Poet T.S. Eliot’s Gloucester connection

A new show at the Cape Ann Museum looks at the poet and his time on the North Shore.

Spotify launches audiobook store with some 300,000 titles

Spotify on Tuesday announced its long-rumored audiobook initiative, launching a store that includes more than 300,000 titles.

It’s Banned Books Week — and these bookstores are hiding challenged books for their readers to find

Participating stores will hide plastic-wrapped copies of their favorite banned and challenged books in what the organizers call the “first annual Cape and Islands Banned Books Hunt.”


Getting to the heart of the matter

In its emotional heft and honesty, its ability to go fearlessly to the darkest places, its pellucid empathy and its spot-on rendering of the pandemic experience for both individuals and the country, this is perhaps the best of the four marvelous novels Strout has written featuring Lucy Barton.


Can women plus law save us?

Dahlia Lithwick profiles some female lawyers in the trenches.