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Lighting a path, online book launches, new poetry

A single book is like a candle trying to light the night. A whole mass of books together though, brings the possibility of a mighty blaze.


Tom Perrotta on ‘The Leftovers’ and how we behave in times of fear and loss

His 2011 book was about the aftermath of a world-changing loss when 2 percent of the planet’s human beings vanished inexplicably in one day.


Hilary Mantel on re-reading

Hilary Mantel’s new novel, “The Mirror and the Light,” brings to a close her Thomas Cromwell trilogy. The novelist talked with the Globe about what she's reading (and re-reading) lately.


Love and fury in West Texas

“Valentine” is an angry novel, a blast of feminist outrage against a toxic culture that breeds racism and violence against women as readily as the babies most of its female characters bore before they were old enough to vote.


‘Too Much’ draws a direct line from Victorian to contemporary restraints on women

Author Rachel Vorona Cote takes a historic look at feminine excess.


‘I Want You to Know We’re Still Here’ is a memoir of heartbreak and horror

There are heartbreaking moments in Esther Safran Foer’s “post-Holocaust memoir” about her obsessive quest to uncover the details of her immigrant parents’ Holocaust history. How could there not be?


Speculation on the afterlife in ‘Heaven and Hell’

Bart D. Erhman's “Heaven and Hell: A History of the Afterlife” is a fulsome sweep through the biblical, philosophical, and literary canon.


Finding healing in poetry and drawing

News of literary note, including recommendations for what to read now.