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Written for and published exclusively by The Boston Globe, the novella will unfold chapter-by-chapter over the next two weeks.

A serialized novella running exclusively in the Globe

An enigmatic card shark. An ex-con looking for the score of a lifetime. A priceless collection of stolen art. And a mystery as old as the country itself — a mystery that someone is willing to kill for.
What have we here?
The Globe’s commitment to covering the coronavirus pandemic continues unabated, as today’s paper and website make plain, but we thought a bit of a diversion might also be welcome. And so we asked best-selling author Ben Mezrich to write a novella, a work of fiction, to be published exclusively in the Globe and on Globe.com over the next two weeks. In “The Mechanic,” Mezrich takes us on a taut journey through his hometown of Boston, from the halls of Harvard to the glitz of a waterfront casino to the ominously silent galleries of a museum and a critical patch of local history we thought we knew, but apparently do not. Enjoy!