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‘Woman in Gold’ feels like a reproduction

Robert Viglasky

An earnest, acceptable, and dull dramatization of how Maria Altmann got the Austrian government to return Gustav Klimt paintings.

Boston, MA., 03/19/15, Noah Baumbach and his film,


Noah Baumbach’s career arc

Baumbach’s previous films have been funny, but, even he will acknowledge, not so deliberately as “While We’re Young.”

Dwayne Johnson in a scene from “Furious 7.”

Furious and furiouser

Director James Wan explains his approach to “Furious 7” as well as how they completed the film without Paul Walker.

Filmmaker Simon Curtis, former assistant to Helen Mirren, got to direct her in “Woman in Gold.”

Beauty reclaimed

Maria Altmann (Helen Mirren) waged a landmark court battle to reclaim a famous Gustav Klimt painting from the Austrian government.

Movie review

// Ferrell and Hart’s ‘Get Hard’ is hard to take

Will Ferrell plays an entitled millionaire so desperate to brace himself for a prison stretch, he hires Kevin Hart to coach him.

ty burr

// Is ‘Get Hard’ racist?

The question itself opens up an interesting conversation about how our entertainments reflect and distort the social realities we choose to believe in.

Al Pacino stars in the title role of “Danny Collins.”

Movie Review

In ‘Danny Collins,’ Pacino and cast hit the high notes — and then some

So shameless is this movie’s urge to batter you into laughter and tears that you give in, exhausted and maybe even a little grateful.

// Film tax credits no longer getting glowing reviews

Around the country, a growing number of elected officials and independent analysts are souring on film incentives.

Seymour Bernstein in a scene from “Seymour: An Introduction.”

Movie review

Ethan Hawke makes proper ‘Introduction’

Hawke found an ideal subject for “Seymour: An Introduction” in 87-year-old pianist Seymour Bernstein and knew enough to introduce him and stand back.

Movie review

//[1].jpg ‘Home’ is guided by a star

Jim Parsons segues from almost-alien misfit Sheldon Cooper on “The Big Bang Theory” to alien misfit, period.

Movie Review

// In ‘Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter,’ quest for buried treasure ventures off the map

The film is an artful movie about a Japanese woman obsessed with finding the money that Steve Buscemi buried at the end of “Fargo.”


// ‘Serena’ is a soapy mess

It must have looked great on paper. On screen, it’s a mess that even Joan Crawford in her delusional late-period prime couldn’t save.

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// A snapshot of recent Globe reviews of movies in the theaters.

A snapshot of recent Globe reviews of movies in the theaters.