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‘Non-Fiction’ is a movie of (really French) ideas

The characters are impeccably dressed and intellectual, the conversations long and cultured, the adultery frequent yet forgiven with a Gallic shrug.

Movie Review

‘The Biggest Little Farm’ is so uplifting, you’ll check your cynicism at the gate

Complete with furry critters, circle-of-life lessons, and sun-dappled everything, the documentary offers actual food for the soul.

Movie Review

Marooned on the way to Mars in ‘Aniara’

The coolly observant Swedish sci-fi drama is provocative, if pokey.

Movie Review

A case of wrongful execution in ‘Trial by Fire’

The film is a ham-fisted melodrama about Cameron Todd Willingham, wrongly convicted of murder and sentenced to death row.

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Spotlighting women, checking out Czech film

The Coolidge Corner is offering a series about women and social issues on film.

Movie Review | ★ ★ ½

Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson play it for laughs, and larceny, in ‘The Hustle’

“The Hustle” is a watchable, unnecessary re-do that works hard but lacks the charm to really zing.

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Looking at sexual harassment, ‘Working Woman’ doesn’t flinch

The Israeli drama presents an all-too-topical issue in human terms.

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In ‘Shadow,’ Zhang Yimou goes on the attack

The director of ‘House of Flying Daggers’ makes a triumphant return to martial-arts action.