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Eerily, memorably, ‘She Dies Tomorrow’ captures the moment we’re in

Writer-director Amy Seimetz has made a deeply unnerving metaphysical horror movie that feels tailor-made for our season of dread.


Newport notes, Jodorowsky healing, Bukowski memories

Documentaries about the 1958 Newport Jazz Festival, 90-year-old auteur Alejandro Jodorowsky, and writer Charles Bukowski.


‘CREEM’ of the ’70s rock crop

A sketchy, overstuffed, enjoyable documentary about the other rock magazine of the 1970s.


‘Burnt Orange Heresy’ paints a glamorous picture

It's an art-world thriller with enough glamorous locations and dark doings to keep an audience rapt for much, if not all, of the running time.

As of Saturday, a second theater will open to Boston moviegoers

Effective Aug. 1, New England Aquarium’s Simons Theatre will reopen for socially distanced screenings of two short 2-D nature films.

Recognizing royalty: ‘Black Is King,’ and Beyoncé is its queen

Beyoncé‘s new “visual album,” a cinematic version of last year’s “The Lion King: The Gift,” has two things going for it: It is eye candy of the highest order, and it overcomes a muddled first half to achieve genuine emotional power in the homestretch.

What’s your favorite movie hug?

"The Old Guard" made me consider other cinematic hugs and the supercut I’d make of memorable onscreen embraces.

Embracing the embrace

"The Old Guard" has a lot of excellent kicking, punching, running, and comic-book cliffhangers, but it's also a film with beautiful embraces. It celebrates platonic hugs between chosen family.