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Coming Attractions

Movie openings and special screenings coming soon to Boston

What’s coming up on the local movies scene.

Ty Burr

10 of pop culture’s legendary self-absorbed monsters

From Captain Queeg to Captain Ahab: making megalomania great again.

In Focus | Peter Keough

In Focus: Eyes on Gaza at the MFA’s Boston Palestine Film Festival

A preview of two documentaries at the annual festival.

Doc Talk | Peter Keough

Doc Talk: Fleeing the Taliban, connecting with Shirley Clarke, witch hunting

Previews of upcoming documentaries and of an ongoing documentary program.

Movie Review

In ‘Gemini Man,’ a role so nice Will Smith plays it twice

In Ang Lee’s latest, he’s a hit man hunted by a clone of himself.

Movie Review

In ‘The Laundromat,’ it’s a different sort of spin cycle

Steven Soderbergh’s latest stars Meryl Streep, Gary Oldman, and Antonio Banderas.

Movie Review

Francis Ford Coppola offers a ‘Cotton Club Encore’

The director has added some scenes and deleted others from his 1984 film.

Movie Review

In ‘Lucy in the Sky,’ an astronaut touches down in Crazytown

Natalie Portman stars in this based-on-fact psychological drama