On Demand movie highlights


(Movies: By Genre: Horror) Technically a prequel to a prequel, since we’re back in the late-1980s childhood of the sisters from the first two films. Almost identical to the others and still as effective, ‘‘PA3’’ wants to give you the willies with a minimum of gore and a maximum of camcorder dread, and it succeeds. (R; runs through July 19)

Ty Burr


(Movies: By Genre: Horror) How frustrating to be Daniel Radcliffe. One movie after Harry Potter vanquished Voldemort, and it’s like he’s anticipating having to do it all over again. Here he is in this blah ghost story searching a big, dreary house for the source of off-screen sound effects. Radcliffe has an exuberant side, and some of us are getting desperate to see it. (PG-13; runs through Oct. 31)

Wesley Morris


(Movies: By Genre: Horror) Vampires and werewolves are back at each other’s throats in a sequel overly eager to assert that monster mashes aren’t about ‘‘Twilight’’ melodrama. Kate Beckinsale wriggles back into her catsuit as Selene, thawed after a human purge of vampires and Lycans that left her in cryo-freeze. India Eisley is the young girl who now shares a psychic link with her, and special abilities. (R; runs through Aug. 8)