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Putting up a fight

Lowell High School wrestling coach George Bossi is the subject of a documentary by Tim O’Donnell.
Lowell High School wrestling coach George Bossi is the subject of a documentary by Tim O’Donnell.(Pat Piasecki)

Overlooked in the panic over Ebola is the ongoing attrition from AIDS; the World Health Organization estimates that 1.6 million people died from it as recently as 2012. In his documentary “It’s Not Over,” Andrew Jenks makes that statistic personal by showing its effects on the lives of three millennials in India, South Africa, and the United States. It’s an inspiring look at individual courage and a depressing condemnation of collective amnesia: 10- to 24-year-olds are the only demographic where AIDS death rates are still rising globally, with an estimated 5.4 million young people living with HIV worldwide. Netflix, SnagFilms, and Pivot TV will be offering the film on Nov. 19 in the US and worldwide on Dec. 1, World AIDS Day.

For more information go to www.itsnotoverfilm.com


Life and crime

Crime may not pay, but sometimes when the bills are due it might seem the only option. At the age of 16, Darius Clark Monroe chose that path and joined some friends in robbing a Houston bank. Now an award-winning filmmaker, Monroe re-examines that choice in his documentary “Evolution of a Criminal.” UMass Boston screens it for free Nov. 20 at 7 p.m. in the Campus Center Ballroom. Monroe will be available for a Q & A after the screening.

For more information contact chico.colvard@umb.edu

Ring leader

Not many films have been made about wrestling coaches – Thomas McCarthy’s outstanding fictional feature “Win Win” (2011) is the only one that comes to mind. But when you’ve spent 50 years teaching teenagers the half nelson while building their character like coach George Bossi at Lowell High School, a cinematic tribute is in order. Sponsored by the Lowell High Wrestling Alumni, Tim O’Donnell’s “Bossi: the Documentary” will screen Nov. 22 at the Showcase Cinema in Lowell at 3:45 and 5 p.m. A reception will follow at 6 p.m. at Long Meadow Golf Club in Lowell.


For more information go to www.bossimovie.com

Quick cuts

The ever protean David Bowie would seem the last rock star to end up in a museum, but such is the case. Director Hamish Hamilton brings the traveling gallery exhibition of Bowie costumes and paraphernalia to glittering life in the documentary “David Bowie Is,” which will screen locally at theaters in Revere, Foxborough, and Chelsea at 7:30 pm on Nov. 18. Details at www.omniversevision.com/davidbowieis.html

If you can’t make it to IDFA in Amsterdam (Nov. 19-30) the DOC NYC festival (Nov. 13-20) makes a fine substitute. Find out more at www.docnyc.net

While at DOC NYC you might want to check the sites marked by the great British artist and public nuisance Banksy during his residency there in October 2013. Or you could join in the HBO interactive documentary project “Banksy Does New York” on Nov. 17 at 9 p.m. Details at www.hbo.com/documentaries#/documentaries/banksy-does-new-york

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