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The Oscars’ unforgettable moments — illustrated

From “Spotlight” winning two Oscars, to Chris Rock’s memorable opening monologue, to Leonardo DiCaprio’s first Oscar win, the 88th Academy Awards show was chock-full of riveting moments. The Globe’s Tonia Cowan illustrated several of the night’s highlights as the show unfolded.

On the red carpet, “Spotlight” actor Liev Schrieber talked with wife Naomi Watts about the likelihood of staying up for the “Spotlight” after-party.Tonia Cowan/Globe Staff
Host Chris Rock opened with a monologue that was equal parts searing, hilarious, and thoughtful, <a href="" shape="rect">writes the Globe’s David Filipov</a>. Tonia Cowan/Globe Staff
“Spotlight” reporter Michael Rezendes was pictured with actor Mark Ruffalo, who portrays him in the film, in many moments leading up to the Academy Awards.Tonia Cowan/Globe Staff
“Spotlight” screenwriter Tom McCarthy thanked the Catholic Church sex abuse survivors when he won the Oscar for best original screenplay. The film later took home the award for best picture.Tonia Cowan/Globe Staff
Oscars host Chris Rock acknowledged Boston Globe reporter Michael Rezendes as he watched the Oscars from his seat in the audience.Tonia Cowan/Globe Staff
Chris Rock handed out Oscar statues to people outside a theater in Compton, asking them to give their own acceptance speeches.Tonia Cowan/Globe Staff
Leonardo DiCaprio won his first Oscar ever for his role in “The Revenant.”Tonia Cowan/Globe Staff
The Globe’s Arts staff hard at work on Oscars night.Tonia Cowan/Globe Staff