Blink-182, ‘Neighborhoods’


In reassembling Blink-182 this year, Tom DeLonge, Travis Barker, and Mark Hoppus got it right. This comeback album mirrors the band’s current tour, recognizing that these guys have grown up - musically, emotionally, and so on - since their Warped Tour days in the ’90s. But not at the expense of their pop-punk essence. “Neighborhoods’’ still thrashes and bashes while airing grievances deeper than the old “been dumped at the dance’’ complaints. Actually, memories of simpler times at the dance become a platform for aching nostalgia on the synth-spiked opener, “Ghost on the Dance Floor.’’ Even at its most irreverent, Blink-182 smartly injected enough ache and melancholy into its music for ballast. “Up All Night’’ and “After Midnight’’ boast that signature blend of angst and hope, while other songs pull one way or the other; “Heart’s All Gone’’ sounds disappointed, while “This Is Home’’ sounds defiant. Blink-182 again delivers a record with nothing outright awful and enough dynamite songs to pack a punch at future tours. The deluxe edition offers four additional tracks, each slightly divergent from the band’s core sound. (Out today)

ESSENTIAL “After Midnight’’