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Santigold, ‘Master of My Make Believe’

Santigold just can’t win. In the four years since her addictive first release, the Brooklyn, N.Y.-based songstress has seen everything that was so wonderfully off-kilter about that album become somewhat commonplace, from the production by Diplo to her New York art-pop aesthetic. Her new disc seems to continue on the same path as if no time had passed. Her ability to craft catchy singles out of loose concepts hasn’t diminished: “Disparate Youth” blends pseudo-social commentary with a driving island rhythm, and the raw speech on “Look at These Hoes” sounds like a less attention-starved version of Nicki Minaj’s hyper-profane female schtick. But dazzling moments don’t come often enough to make up for flat ones like “Fame” and “Freak Like Me,” which only tease at her abilities as a singer-songwriter. (Out Tuesday) Martín Caballero

ESSENTIAL “Look at These Hoes”

Santigold plays the House of Blues on June 22.