Noisy Neighbors

Air Traffic Controller, ‘Nordo’



A band’s bio shouldn’t color one’s reception of the music too much, but you’ll be forgiven for grinning ear to ear while listening to the Bleu-produced second record from this Boston six-piece, imagining songwriter Dave Munro working in the US Navy as an actual air traffic controller and dreaming up brilliant little pop ditties while trying to land planes. It’s a more interesting back story than a dusty bibliophile trying to affix fiddle to fiction like, say, Colin Meloy, whose vocals, and songwriting in the Decemberists this record calls to mind. “Hurry Hurry” would be the most immediately engaging song in that more famous band’s recent catalog. It’s a skipping lark of martial snares and lyrical storytelling prowess. “If You Build It” is another instantly likable run through the bucolic fields of indie chamber-pop. On “You Know Me,” bass and banjo player Casey Sullivan shares lead duty for a mid-tempo hand-clap spin on a brightly glowing Ferris wheel of musical romance. For the gently ascending “Blame,” the band enlists a 40-piece orchestra with triumphant brass. It’s a lot of pieces to keep in the air, but Munro and company are in control. (Out now)


ESSENTIAL “Hurry Hurry”

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