Twin Shadow, ‘Confess’

On “Slow,” from his rightfully praised 2010 debut as Twin Shadow, George Lewis Jr. sang over a gurgling brook of guitar delay, “I don’t wanna be, believe in love.” The closest stylistic and thematic successor here, “Five Seconds,” finds him still looking for a love he can believe in. “I don't believe in, you don’t believe in me,” he sings. There’s a yearning romanticism that bleeds through even the most posed songs. “Golden Light,” for all its winking and plinking keys is, at heart, a vehicle for Lewis’s R&B crooning. It’s rare to find a musical package this self-consciously stylized that isn’t designed to cover up for a lack of substance. Or maybe it’s the exact opposite. As he sings over the slamming-door percussion of “I Don’t Care”: “I don’t care as long as you can dance me ’round the room while you lie to me.” In other words, making us believe is enough. (Out Tuesday)

ESSENTIAL: “Five Seconds’’


Twin Shadow plays the Paradise Rock Club on Sept. 30.