Holy Other, ‘Held’

It may become tricky for the young Manchurian producer Holy Other to maintain his low profile. While the British bass music his sound effortlessly vaporizes has skirted the mainstream disfiguration suffered by its cousin, dubstep, there’s an irresistible pull to the tracks on his proper debut. Moonlit synths hover over deep dark bogs of bass, percussive bits click in the shadows like bullfrogs, and disembodied trails of soul vocals tempt you to follow. Sometimes they’re pining and sensuous (“Inpouring,” “U Now”), sometimes ghostly and soulful (“Love Some1,” “Held”), sometimes they even approximate boy-girl candor (“Past Tension”). “In Difference” signals thicker melodic hazes to come, its slow sweetness conjuring a tranquilized Lali Puna or Múm. “Held” is a haunted forest worth getting lost in, but don’t expect to be on your own for long. (Out Tuesday)


ESSENTIAL “Past Tension”

Holy Other performs at the House of Blues with Amon Tobin on Sept. 12.

Michael Andor Brodeur is assistant arts editor at the Globe. He can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @MBrodeur.