Animal Collective, ‘Centipede Hz’

On “Centipede Hz,” Animal Collective’s ninth full-length album, the experimental pop crew bounces off the walls in fits of nervous energy. The record trades in the sample-heavy immersion of the band’s 2009 breakthrough, “Merriweather Post Pavilion,” for a hectic frenzy of sounds, often propelled by Panda Bear’s return to a live drum kit. Lead single “Today’s Supernatural” reels around start-stop rhythms and synth-organ runs, while Avey Tare yelps louder than he has in years. Guitarist Deakin, who sat out “Merriweather,” returns, even providing lead vocals on “Wide Eyed.” Panda Bear helms fewer tracks than usual, and “New Town Burnout” feels left over from his 2011 solo album, “Tomboy.” But in “Monkey Riches,” the band confronts the anxiety welling beneath the record’s bounce. The song steams and spurts like an overheated machine as Avey Tare wails bewilderment with the world. Those who decried the last album’s lack of spontaneity will be satisfied with “Centipede Hz,” but it hits hardest when the guys lock into something that works. (Out Tuesday)


ESSENTIAL “Today’s Supernatural”


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