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    Album Review | COLLEGE ROCK

    Various Artists, ‘Athens, GA: Inside/Out’

    The 1987 documentary “Athens, GA.: Inside/Out” cast an eye on the town’s famed music scene just before R.E.M. nudged itself into mainstream consciousness and the B-52s caught their second wind. The long-unavailable soundtrack’s expanded 25th-anniversary rerelease (complete with a DVD of the amiably ambling film itself) isn’t a revelation, exactly, but what was once a mostly live snapshot of a place has become a document of a moment in time. Flat Duo Jets’ blues demolitions notwithstanding, most of the bands mine the archetypal jangle and chank of college rock, though Dreams So Real pull it darker and Love Tractor gleefully amps up the chaos. It’s ironic, then, that R.E.M.’s contributions are acoustic runthroughs of an Everly Brothers classic and their own elegaic “Swan Swan H.” None of these bands (save one) would make much of a dent outside Athens. But that’s the point, in a way, the fact that a critical mass of arty weirdos engaging their own curiosity was its own reward. (Out Tuesday)

    ESSENTIAL Dreams So Real, “Golden”