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Pitbull, ‘Global Warming’

Pitbull basically abandons any semblance of rap here and continues to hitch his fortunes to the electronic dance movement express. He’s an MC only in the sense that he strings fundamental rhymes about partying (“We ain’t here for a long time / we here for a good time”) and sex. It’s a pure club set with little ambition. Mostly, he plays cheerleader for the big beats, swirls of keyboards, and effects laid down by a parade of producers, including Afrojack and DJ Buddha. The MC has gathered superstar vocalists (Chris Brown, Usher) for familiarity and to lay down instantly irresistible hooks. The disc’s title promises a deep influx of world music, but the tracks are infused with only traces of Latin or Caribbean flavors, while Euro-house influences dominate. No doubt, “Don’t Stop the Party” and “Party Ain’t Over” will have club goers bouncing off walls, but there’s so little nuance or variation to these grooves the disc becomes numbing when swallowed whole. Ultimately, Pitbull sounds like a slave to the beat, while rhymes become an afterthought. (Out Tuesday) Ken Capobianco

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