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    Album review | HIP-HOP

    Wiz Khalifa, ‘O.N.I.F.C.’

    Wiz Khalifa follows his simplistic but big-selling “Rolling Papers” with a labored CD solely concerned with flaunting his success. He’s less dexterous and creative on this interminable 17-song, 73-minute disc as he indulges in all of rap’s worst impulses. Not only are the tracks lacking lyrical crispness and wit, but they also are short on hooks or vivid musical flourishes. The beats are mostly mundane and, at times, just lazy. On “The Plan” he barely cracks a rhyming dictionary: business man/realest man/fan/plan/Benjamin. Somewhere the hip-hop gods are weeping. Virtually all the songs deal with how paid the superstar is, and the songs become numbingly trite. “They say we can’t change the world / look how we changed the game,” he raps on “No Limit.” Inspiration comes on a moody collaboration with The Weeknd, “Remember You,” and Lola Monroe’s fiery cameo on “Initiation.” (Out now)


    ESSENTIAL “Remember You”