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Tegan and Sara, ‘Heartthrob’

It’s hard to fault “Heartthrob’’ for barely resembling “Sainthood’’ or whichever Tegan and Sara album first hooked any given fan. From almost day one, the sisters Quin have dramatically evolved their style with almost every release. Tegan and Sara don’t just sound different on “Heartthrob’’ — burrowing into the whoosh of modern electronic pop — they sound different: “Drove Me Wild,’’ “I Couldn’t Be Your Friend,’’ and “Closer’’ feature softer, rounder vocals than their previous work. The songs are less oblique than their last couple of albums, sometimes to a fault; “Love They Say’’ is as vague and proclamatory as the laziest hits-radio fodder. But their lyrical theme of being embattled with themselves remains, and if there are those who wish they could hear “Now I’m All Messed Up,’’ as the spiky-guitar indie Tegan and Sara were doing three albums ago, there are certain to be fans who’ll wish that the songs three albums from now sound just like “Heartthrob.’’ (Out now) - MARC HIRSH


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