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    Album review | SYNTH POP

    Sally Shapiro, ‘Somewhere Else’

    Since its debut “Disco Romance” in 2007, the Swedish duo Sally Shapiro (comprised of an unnamed singer and producer Johan Agebjörn) has beguiled fans at the intersection of electronic dance music and twee indie-pop with its near-perfect time capsules of ’80s synth-pop. The format hasn’t strayed much on this third full-length album, although the landscape has — their melancholy retroism has become the norm for a generation of like-minded groups such as Electric Youth. That Canadian duo shows up here on “Starman,” a slowly budding flower of dancefloor sadness that ripples with gleaming synths pulled back from the edge of euphoria by the woebegone vocals. “I Dream With an Angel Tonight” builds from a quieter space, but achieves the same effect. “This City’s Local Italo Disco DJ Has a Crush on Me” works a funkier variation, although it’s probably better said that every city’s DJ and music writer of any kind has a crush on this group. (Out Tuesday)


    ESSENTIAL “Starman”