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    The London Suede, ‘Bloodsports’

    Timberlake, Bowie, Marr, My Bloody Valentine: Barely three months in, 2013 has thus far proven to be a watershed year for musicians who’ve suddenly remembered that they make music. Now comes the London Suede, regrouping and resurfacing almost 11 years after its last album, and the new “Bloodsports” is fired up with something awfully close to the inspiration that drove the band way back when. Combining the fervid romantic fatalism of Morrissey, the moody throb of Echo & the Bunnymen and the glam rocket crunch of T. Rex, Suede sets expectations high with “Barriers” and, astonishingly, keeps meeting them. Like the best Suede songs, “Sometimes I Feel I’ll Float Away” and “For the Strangers” capture the sensation of being pulled under by a cresting tide of emotion, something that tips into unhealthy obsession in “Always,” where singer Brett Anderson’s idea of devotion is waiting “like a sniper in the wings.” Decade-long hiatus or no decade-long hiatus, “Bloodsports” finds Suede in exactly its element. (Out Tuesday)

    Marc Hirsh

    ESSENTIAL “Sometimes I Feel I’ll Float Away”