Phil Wilcox at Tres Gatos

Phil Wilcox./Globe Staff

From his perch at Tres Gatos, the Jamaica Plain tapas restaurant that also houses a cozy but exceptional music and bookstore that he manages, Phil Wilcox spent most of this week getting ready for Saturday.

Record Store Day is a bonanza for independent music retailers and particularly for fans of limited-edition goods that tend to sell out quickly. Wilcox says Tres Gatos will have close to 400 items for the annual event, including vinyl, CDs, T-shirts, and even a cassette (from MGMT).

We asked Wilcox to name five goodies he’s excited to be selling.

1. Notorious B.I.G., “Ready to Die.” “It’s been out of print for a decade, and now it’s out on white vinyl. If there are any left at the end of the day, I’m going to buy it.”


2. The Black Keys/The Stooges, “No Fun.” “This is a 7-inch single with the Black Keys on one side and the Stooges on the other, both performing ‘No Fun.’ ”

3. Mumford & Sons, “Live From Bull Moose.” “It’s a four-song EP they recorded live at an in-store appearance [in Scarborough, Maine]. If I had to guess, I’d say this will be the most popular item of the day.”

4. The Dave Brubeck Trio, “Distinctive Rhythm Instrumentals.” “Brand-new, 10-inch red vinyl release of a 1951 album.”

5. Mystery single. “The company that put it out says it can’t say what it is, ‘but you definitely want it’ — with five exclamation points. I’m hoping it’s Frank Sinatra on one side, Bette Midler on the other side doing a disco version of ‘Strangers in the Night.’ ” (Ed. note: That Midler version actually exists, from her 1976 album, “Songs for the New Depression.”) JAMES REED

Tres Gatos (470 Centre St.,
Jamaica Plain, 617-477-9209, www.tresgatosjp.com) will open at 10 a.m. on Saturday.
For a list of participating Record Store Day retailers, and an inventory of exclusive items, go to www.recordstoreday.com.