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Os Mutantes, ‘Fool Metal Jack’

With five new, young members surrounding original guitarist Sergio Dias, the new incarnation of the influential Brazilian band Os Mutantes, one of the wilder emanations of the late-1960s/early-1970s Tropicalia movement, revives not so much the group as its recherché, cult-inspiring brand. “Fool Metal Jacket” proposes a journey through mostly progressive and psychedelic terrain, layered with growly fuzz, ethereal sitars, but also open, airy spells garlanded with melancholic harmonies. Save a Gilberto Gil track, “Eu Descobri,” the record’s sole bossa nova-ish moment and a high point, the songs here are in English, and the writing is hit-or-miss, from the sad and beautiful “Into Limbo” to the rote flower-power of “Bangladesh,” one of a couple of head-scratchers here. The other is the title track, an antiwar piece sung in the voice of a horribly wounded soldier on the front. The disc’s more subtle moments are also the sweeter ones, with just enough whimsy to honor the brand and earn this new crop of self-styled mutants their name.


Essential “Into Limbo”