The National, ‘Trouble Will Find Me’

For someone whose voice could be described as a comatose croon, Matt Berninger is an astonishingly expressive singer. As the frontman and songwriter for the National, he conveys a lot of emotion in his laconic delivery, which creates a nervous tension in the music. “Trouble Will Find Me” is the Brooklyn, N.Y., indie-rock band’s sixth and most deft album yet, a haunted and lugubrious meditation on loss and despair. It follows 2010’s “High Violet,” which marked a critical and commercial peak for the National, and it builds on that album’s momentum by letting some light and space into the group’s sound. Berninger’s anguish is so palpable on the stark “Slipped,” you’ll be forgiven for tearing up when he sings, “I keep coming back here where everything slipped,” before admitting, “I don’t need any help to be breakable, believe me.” Still dry-eyed? He twists the knife: “I won’t need any help to be lonely when you leave me.” (Out Tuesday) JAMES REED


The National plays at the Boston Calling music festival on May 26.