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Eisley, ‘Currents’

Eisley’s last album, 2011’s “The Valley,” triumphed with an emotional specificity more pronounced than anything the band had done in the past. Per its title, “Currents” is a more watery affair, both in the liquidity of its acoustic-Kate-Bush sound (especially Garron DuPree’s submerged bass and the shallow-puddle splash of Weston DuPree’s drums) and in the soupiness of its songs. Gone is much of the band’s tension and dynamism, replaced by a subdued insularity; a song like “The Night Comes” is Eisley with all the corners sanded down. But those corners were what made Eisley Eisley, taking listeners someplace they weren’t aware they were headed. While “Currents” contains genuine pleasures — the churn of “Save My Soul,” the sweet sweep of “Shelter,” guitarist Chauntelle DuPree-D’Agostino’s carrying a song for the first time on “Millstone” — it’s the first Eisley album that fails to improve on its predecessor, recapitulating earlier ideas while seemingly in retreat. (Out Tuesday)


ESSENTIAL “Save My Soul”

Eisley performs at the Paradise on June 23.