Rachael Sage on Boston Pride festivities

(Rachael Sage.)

"Over the Rainbow."

"I Will Survive."

"Born This Way."

Like it or not, you probably know these songs by heart and associate them with what they've become: gay anthems.

Ahead of this weekend's Boston Pride festivities, we asked singer-songwriter Rachael Sage to weigh in on five songs that should be considered gay anthems. Sage is on the musical lineup on Saturday, which also includes headliners Karmin, Kwanza Jones, Houston Bernard, and others.

"My first instinct was to go for things that would make for good theater with people hearing them at a Pride festival," Sage says. "So it's a mix of campy and poignant." (For more on Boston Pride, see Page 27.)


1. "Semi Precious Weapons," Semi Precious Weapons. "When I think of pride and fabulousness, I think of Justin [Tranter, the band's frontman], and the lyrics are so over the top."

2. "Shadow Dancing," Andy Gibb. "My first crush as a bisexual was Andy Gibb. I want to see what this song looks like up on a Pride stage."

3. "She Wears Red Feathers," Guy Mitchell. "I asked my mom for an idea about this list, because she has been such a wonderful supporter, and she said, 'You need something with the words "feather" or "boa" in the title.' This song is very MGM musical with a tropical percussion vibe, and I have to think it would be embraced."

4. "I Made It Through the Rain," Barry Manilow. "Because it always freakin' rains every single Pride that I play, and yet we forge through the thunder and the lightning, and our spirits rise above."

5. “No Man’s Woman,” Sinead O’Connor. “Because she’s fierce and crazy and a little intense, and I love the video.”

Rain or shine, the Boston Pride festival happens Saturday from noon to 6 p.m. on City Hall Plaza. For a full list of events, go to www.bostonpride.org.

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