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Absinthe Rose, ‘The More That We Learn’


The More THAT We Learn,
The More We Learn That We’re Wrong

The latest full-length from this grimy folk-punk band just dropped, bringing back to form a creaky and creepy genre that Boston has quietly made its own over the years. Country gothic has been in this town’s sewers for generations, whether it’s Brian Carpenter’s Confessions or the beloved Reverend Glasseye and His Wooden Legs and beyond. Absinthe Rose keeps the freight train strumming and chugging and adds the extra wallop of Kimbo Rose’s powerful vocals. She muscles through smoky verses with smoldering soul on creeping banjo-tinged ballads throughout the record, usually coming to bitter conclusions (“I don’t like you and you don’t like me/ But what’s a life without enemies?”). Patient listeners will find the momentum building toward the latter half of the record, when the band gradually morphs into a full-on punk powerhouse, plugging in gnarled electric guitars and Rose going into full-on metal howler mode calling for swift revolutions. It’s a gutsy move in these no-attention-span days, but the wait for release is worth it. Hearing Rose scream “I believe that the righteous survive,” jaded naysayers might want to get out of the way. (Out now)


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