Age: 14

Hometown: Canton

Think of: A gospel version of
Beyoncé with an elegant stage presence and a knack for speaking to an audience.

What caught our eye: She has been singing since the age of 3, and her professional solo career began at just 8 years old, when she blew away the crowd at the 2007 Gospel Night with the Boston Pops. She’s performed with them several times, including the 2009 Fourth of July concert on the Esplanade, and sings at numerous ceremonies and events elsewhere around the state. In 2009, she and her four siblings launched the Oladipo Sisters, a gospel-esque sister act showcasing their powerful vocals and songwriting skills. Since then, the girls have taken on multiple venues, launched a successful album, “The Mighty One,” and subsequent single, “A Song for America.”


Light bulb moment: “I’ve always been singing around the house and with my sisters. It became more of an idea as a family. When I was 8, I sang with the BSO for the first time and, from there, everything happened on its own.”

Biggest thrill: “One of my best experiences has been singing with the Boston Pops on July Fourth, 2009. It was the first time I had ever done something so large, from the audience to meeting musicians like Neil Diamond. It was really exciting.”

Biggest surprise: “Getting a lot of gigs from my first time singing was something that surprised me. I had never done anything like it before and seeing that other people wanted me to sing for them was so incredible.”

Inspired by: “I have so many inspirations, mostly famous singers and gospel singers like Kirk Franklin and Beyoncé. I like to see how they perform and get ideas from that.”

Aspires to: “I just want to keep singing. I’m not too worried about going to Hollywood or anything like that. I’m happy where I am now and want to keep performing for people and making them smile.”


For good luck: “I always pray. We’re a Christian family, and God has really helped all of us throughout.”

What people should know: “I make a lot of jokes but I can also be kind of quiet. I think I’m humble with my experiences.”

Coming soon: Oladipo and her sisters will grace the stage as special guests at the Boston Pops concert on June 13. Alongside conductor Keith Lockhart, they will sing an original song with an orchestral arrangement, accompanied by the Tanglewood Festival Chorus.