Beautiful Swimmers, ‘Son’

With all of its barbequing, beaching, and hammocking, summer is the season of passive listening. Here, then, is the D.C. duo Beautiful Swimmers, whose full length debut is a cooler of crackables, well suited to any summertime soiree. Fans of the atemporal party starters of Caribou, Toro y Moi, or Javelin will find themselves quite comfortable among Ari Goldman and Andrew Field-Pickering’s blend of throwback textures and contemporary tweaks. And while the chunky street beat of “No!” practically pegs your pants for you, “Son” steers clear of being yet another immersive experiment in ’80s pop nostalgia. “Easy on the Eyes” is a thoroughly modern top-down cruiser with a bassline that has to peel itself off the pavement; and the tight, dubby “Big Coast” is colorfully streaked with stray horns and loose vocals. Rather than running into loop-driven ruts, many tracks sound like they’re pulling themselves together as they go along — as though they’re getting dressed, checking their look in the mirror a few times before committing. “Son” makes for a solid summer score, no matter how hard you’re listening.


ESSENTIAL “Easy on the Eyes”