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‘Your Girl’ debut EP from Confessions


Your Girl

Take the drummer for a veteran Boston hardcore group and the singer of an ethereal indie guitar act and put them together, and you might not expect the results to be dreamy electro-pop, but that's exactly what happened with Confessions. But while the debut EP from Amanda Dellevigne of Night Fruit and Alex Garcia-Rivera, drummer for American Nightmare (and darkwave act Cold Cave), takes the form of an electronic-sounding production, it was, the band boasts, recorded the old-fashioned way: no loops or samples. That comes through in the warmth of tracks like opener and clear standout “I’ll Always Be Your Girl.’’ A vaporous gust of fluttering high hats, and fluttering heartbeats, it calls to mind the instantly likeable synth-disco of Sally Shapiro. It’s the type of song you’re not sure if you’re supposed to dance to or shed a tear when you hear it. “Daydream’’ sprawls outward with an expanse of bright synth sounds and prostrated vocals, while “Wonder’’ is an inward-looking torrent of echoing keys. Better still is “Confidence,’’ where the duo return to the crestfallen dance floor. The road to get there may have been surprising, but it feels good once you've arrived.

Luke O’Neil

ESSENTIAL “I’ll Always Be Your Girl”

Confessions perform at The Pill at Great Scott on Friday July 26.

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