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Guy Clark, ‘My Favorite Picture of You’

Guy Clark, the respected Texas songwriter whose music is a cornerstone of Americana, holds a photo of his late wife, Susanna Clark, on the cover of his new album. He’s in the background in black and white; she’s up front, in focus, and in color. That duality — the idea that Clark’s world suddenly lost all its hues — speaks to the hard truths contained on “My Favorite Picture of You,” his first album since losing Susanna, also a songwriter and his muse of 40 years, to cancer last year. “My favorite picture of you/ Is the one where you’re starin’ straight in the lens/ Just a Polaroid shot/ Someone took on the spot/ No beginning, no end,” the 71-year-old sings in his grizzled husk of a voice on the title track. The memory of Susanna stokes the fires of this deeply felt collection of acoustic songs, which also touch on love’s pratfalls (“Hell Bent on a Heartache”), the artistic process (“The High Price of Inspiration”), and rascals (“I’ll Show Me”). In other words, classic Guy Clark. (Out Tuesday)
James Reed

ESSENTIAL "My Favorite Picture of You"