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Album review | JAZZ

The Preservation Hall Jazz Band, ‘That’s It!’

The Preservation Hall Jazz Band recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, and its latest record represents a first: Before “That’s It!” the band had never released an album that featured only original material. That fact is an indication of the broadening in scope that has been taking place under the direction of Ben Jaffe, son of band founders Allan and Sandra Jaffe. But while there are a few stylistic diversions here (the languid, late-night noir of “August Nights,” for example), Jaffe and his cohorts are mostly writing in the tradition. From the rollicking Dixieland gospel of “(Dear Lord) Give Me Strength” to the furious pace and trumpet blast and growl of the title track and the syncopated strut of the instrumental “Sugar Plum,” “That’s It!” is no radical departure, sonically speaking. Will these songs stand the test of time? Maybe, maybe not; but they sound pretty good right now. (Out now)Stuart Munro

ESSENTIAL “(Dear Lord) Give Me Strength”

The Preservation Hall Jazz Band appears at the Boston Globe WGBH Summer Arts Weekend in Copley Square on Friday.