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One used to have four friends to lean on. The other used to have a hyphen. Now they have each other.

Pop hitmaker Justin Timberlake and hip-hop titan Jay Z have teamed up for one of the hottest jaunts of the season, the "Legends of the Summer" tour, which comes to Fenway Park Saturday and Sunday.

At first glance the pair might not appear to have much in common: one's a former cherubic Mouseketeer and boy-band teen heartthrob; the other's a rapper raised on the hard-knock life, hustling in the Brooklyn projects.

But since their respective rises to fame, the duo have often worked from the same playbook and have even worked together, hitting the charts earlier this year with their collaboration "Suit and Tie."


Here are a few other parallels they share.

Team players

Maybe it was the time he spent in 'N Sync but Timberlake has proven he works well with others including hit collaborations with Madonna, Ciara, T.I., Timbaland, and Nelly Furtado, as well as work with Duran Duran. He and his tourmate have also got some playmates in common in Rihanna and, Mrs. Carter herself, Beyoncé.

It's entirely possible that Jay Z is right now lending a rhyme to a friend, such has been the prolificacy of his collaborations. In addition to helping Rihanna hold up her "Umbrella," and his myriad pairings with his wife — including "Crazy in Love" — Jay has worked with everyone from Big Daddy Kane to Kanye West to Linkin Park to Coldplay.


Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake.
Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake.Eamonn McCormack/Getty Images/Getty

During his entertaining and energetic stint hosting the ESPY Awards in 2008, JT proved his love of the game. He made it official in 2012, buying a minority stake in his hometown NBA franchise the Memphis Grizzlies.
He and his wife, actress Jessica Biel, can often be seen courtside cheering for the team.


Up until recently, the Brooklyn MC owned a minority stake in his hometown NBA franchise the Brooklyn Nets. He relinquished his shares of the team in order to focus on Roc Nation Sports, an agency that reps professional athletes including Robinson Cano of the New York Yankees and Geno Smith of the New York Jets.

Famous ladies

Maybe more so than Jay Z, Timberlake has had his share of high-profile girlfriends. Let us never forget those matching denim outfits he and Britney Spears sported in the early 2000s, and he also made a cute couple with Cameron Diaz before he married Biel.

Meanwhile, Jay Z and Beyoncé are possibly the most adorable duo in music, both powerhouses in their respective genres who look so in love in every photo of them together. To lift a line from Jay Z's lady, obviously both he and Timberlake liked it, so they put a ring on it. (Uh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh.)

Beyoncé and Jay Z.
Beyoncé and Jay Z.Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Parkwood Entertainment/Getty

Fashion plates

Entire timelines have been built around Timberlake's evolving fashion sense, from curly haired cutie through some awkward growing pains (hello, cornrows) to his current incarnation as a suave crooner who rocks a suit and tie. In 2005, Timberlake cofounded the clothing line William Rast.

Jay Z is no sartorial slouch himself and, like his boy JT, is often seen in sophisticated suits by Tom Ford (who inspired a song of the same name on Jay Z's new album, "Magna Carta . . . Holy Grail"). He launched his Rocawear fashion line in 1999.

Making headlines

You haven't reached the top rung of stardom until your name has been dragged through the mud, and both JT and Jay Z have had their share of controversies. Timberlake, of course, didn't suffer nearly the same amount of scrutiny as Janet Jackson did after her
notorious "wardrobe malfunction" during their halftime show at the 2004 Super Bowl.


Jay Z has mostly managed to stay out of the tabloids, though he raised eyebrows in 2003 when he claimed he was retiring, only to resurface with a new album in 2006. He was also criticized in late 2011 when Rocawear peddled an Occupy Wall Street-related T-shirt, even though Jay Z later took issue with the movement for being unclear in its objectives.