If you know Pete Donnelly, it’s likely as a member of one of the world’s best rock bands, the Figgs. But Donnelly has always had a lot going on outside of that, including a career as a solo artist that started over a decade ago (with a limited-issue, cassette-only release) and resumed in 2012 with “When You Come Home.” His new record displays the same sort of effortless eclecticism that Donnelly and his Figgs mates have been serving up for years, while leaning a bit more in the direction of singer- songwriter pop. The title track — as infectious a piece of power pop as has ever been put to tape — kicks things off and appears to set a lyrical tone that touches on facing burdens and attempting to live and thrive in their midst. What follows wraps the theme in various pop guises: the classicism of “Always Something” and “Delicate Elocution,” the ebullient, horn-brushed R&B of “Got Caught Up,” the skiffling fun of “Toodle-Oo,” the gorgeous, loping melancholy of “Hear It From Me First.” “Face the Bird” emerges from all those twists and turns as an irresistibly hooky gem. (Out Tuesday) STUART MUNRO

ESSENTIAL "Face the Bird''