Tedeschi Trucks Band, ‘Made Up Mind’

If “Revelator,” the Grammy-winning debut from the Tedeschi Trucks Band, was the sound of a group of musicians getting to know each other, the follow-up, “Made Up Mind,” is that of a fearsome, well-oiled machine. Named for Norwell native Susan Tedeschi and her husband, guitarist Derek Trucks — of his own namesake group and the Allman Brothers Band — it is indeed a splendid marriage. Her scorching vocals, his mind-bending guitar work, and the support of nine top-notch players coloring in the rest make for a tasty stew of rock, R&B, blues, and roots music that is as alluringly melodic as it is rhythmically brawny. The title track is a manifesto for decisiveness. The defiant “Do I Look Worried” makes it abundantly clear that the person being addressed is the one who should be concerned. And “Idle Wind” is a gorgeous ballad that makes the most of Tedeschi’s gifts as vocalist who can swoop from fierce to delicate within a single phrase. While they may stretch out for improvisational flights in concert, “Made Up Mind” is concise and compelling. (Out Tuesday)




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