On his first Nine Inch Nails album since 2008, Trent Reznor is bringing his A-game. There is nothing hesitant about this collection of songs which manage to be fraught with heated emotions while simultaneously composed of chilly, fidgety grooves. From the steady drip, synth-pop bubbliness of "Copy of A" to the woozy, time-warped drive of "Came Back Haunted" Reznor proves yet again that no one quite matches his skill for making dread so danceable. His ability to make the dark alluringly beautiful remains intact as well, as the stark "Find My Way" pulls you close to a lost soul as noises — synth scribbles, clacks, distant voices — distract him from his quest. "Satellite" is an instant grabber with an irresistible groove that makes it easy to oblige when Reznor beckons "come on." As is typically the case, this is mostly the Trent Reznor show, but a few friends do pop up to lend a hand including King Crimson/Bears guitarist extraordinaire Adrian Belew, Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham, and journeyman bassist Pino Palladino. (Out Tuesday)

ESSENTIAL "Satellite"


Nine Inch Nails play the TD Garden Oct. 11.