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Mazzy Star, ‘Seasons of Your Day’

You don’t even know how much you’ve missed Mazzy Star until you hear the band’s lustrous new album. Like an autumnal breeze right out of 1993, “Seasons of Your Day” stays true to Hope Sandoval and David Roback’s timeless aesthetic, which hinges on the notion that they draw you closer by keeping you at bay. You can look, but don’t touch. It’s the duo’s first album in 17 years and only their fourth overall; in the intervening years, Sandoval’s imprint has been all over modern indie rock, alive in the dreamy voices of singers such as Beach House’s Victoria Legrand and Widowspeak’s Molly Hamilton. As if preserved in amber, Sandoval’s voice here is remarkably evocative of how it has always been — dusky, sumptuous — and Roback’s steely guitar lines, both electric and acoustic, accentuate the shadows lurking in Sandoval’s delivery. The opening “In the Kingdom” even adds some jangle to the mix courtesy of organ. It’s prime Mazzy Star, the work of a band that knows what it does well. And then does it beautifully. (Out Tuesday) James Reed

ESSENTIAL “In the Kingdom”

Mazzy Star plays Paradise Rock Club Nov. 19.

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