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Album Review | POP

V V Brown, ‘Samson & Delilah’

V V Brown was already an oddball among her peers when she surfaced in 2009. Her debut that year, “Travelling Like the Light,” was a freewheeling hodgepodge of bubblegum pop and retro soul. She didn’t fit into one category then and she certainly doesn’t now with the release of her sophomore album. “Samson & Delilah” casts the English singer and songwriter even further afield, a mesmerizing right turn into the murky waters of throbbing R&B and ambient dance pop. Conceived as a concept album about the biblical story of Samson and Delilah, the songs deal with love and loss against a wall of lumbering beats and barren soundscapes. Even Brown’s voice, once so pert and swinging, is nearly unrecognizable, taking on a deep rumble that recalls Grace Jones, particularly on “Nothing Really Matters” and “Igneous.” Reflecting on her reinvention, Brown recently told the Huffington Post: “It’s the purest piece of work I’ve ever made. I think it’s the closest you’ll get to sitting in a room with me and kissing me.” (Out now)James Reed

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