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DJ Khaled, ‘Suffering from Success’

What’s most apparent from DJ Khaled’s seventh record is the guy has a lot of friends. There are more high profile guests here than at a Kardashian wedding. The star power of over 20 MCs can’t obscure the overly familiar sonic palette used on many songs, with a reliance on trap beats and limited imagination. Some of the best tracks (“Hell’s Kitchen, “Never Surrender,” and “No New Friends”) veer from the blueprint and are driven by the sharp cameos from J. Cole and Meek Mill among others. Otherwise, the songs rise and fall on the strength of the verses, which are hit and miss. The buzz track “I Feel Like Pac/I Feel Like Biggie” is dominated by a commanding T.I., who seems to be the only rapper knowingly tapping into the spirit of the title. The song’s paranoia, a subject Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, and Ace Hood seem to feed off elsewhere, underlines most of the tracks. Despite some deft, defiant turns the set suffers from inconsistency. (Out Tuesday)Ken Capobianco

ESSENTIAL “Hell’s Kitchen”