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Cut Copy, ‘Free Your Mind’

An argument can, and has, been made that Melbourne, Australia, outfit Cut Copy was one of the more pivotal bridges between 2000s indie-rock and the ascent of electronic dance music from the underground. While 2004 debut “Bright Like Neon Love” was a first hesitant step, 2008’s near-perfect “In Ghost Colours” married the tunefulness of New Order to the euphoria of UK house. The follow-up, “Zonoscope,” meandered astray somewhat, but “Free Your Mind” finds Dan Whitford and company again lighting hearts, and dancefloors, on fire with a rapturous intertwining of psychotropic vocals and jubilant acid-house energy. At their best, the peaking (and re-peaking) tracks are persuasive enough that lyrics like “all is love” and “free your mind” begin to sound like well thought-out arguments. A few too many tone-shifting interludes slow down momentum, but “Free Your Mind,” “We Are Explorers,” and “In Memory Capsule” in particular are a welcoming embrace into a sea of moving bodies and blinking lights that extends as far as the eye can see. (Out Tuesday)

ESSENTIAL “In Memory Capsule”


Cut Copy is at the House of Blues on Nov. 16.